Dec 30th 2013: Sharpen yur beak!

Mornin' and Merry sQuawkin' Christmas!! I hope the jolly fat man didn't break too much of yur stuff on the way in, and drink too many of your beers on he way out!... and left you the business under the tree.

We couldn't be arsed wrapping our gift, and it's somewhat of a re-gift anyhoo...

While we're working on a bunch of new shows for next year, we've been invited to join our old pals Mechanical Black at their re-launch show 11th January at the Valve Bar.

It's going to be pretty epic and we'll be joined by not only the fresh MB line-up but also new friends Pecking Order and Bistu.

Head over to the FB event here and join in... this is just the first of a wad of new sQuawk! shows and we'll be playing a bunch of gear off the upcoming CD

what a better way to kick the new year sQuare in the nuts?!
you're going to need to sit on a bucket of ice after this one.
more sQoon!


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Something the somethingth 2013: H...eLp!!

We've been kidnapped and taken away for all sorts of unauthorized debauchery... we've had no contact except for THIS message,... this is a cry for help, please get help! ...we've had no contact until now!

k, mmmmmmMAYbe.. not that dramatic, Just bone lazy.... and ahhh, just quietly, no where near shit enough to get kidnapped!

we've been kinda busy doing the general sQuawkish stuff and haven't updated in a tad... but we're back with some time and the updates, the shows and the new CD are coming!

we've been busy playin' a bunch, tracking for the new disc, and working like mo fo's on the day jobs to pay for it!! but it's coming. We'll chat reall soon yo... but sQuawk! is still loud!

Let's make a pen pal date for next week? (yes it's a date, date.) (yes, there will be making out.)
(no, there will be no tongue... Slut!)

Present as fuck
The Management.

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September 20th: DTVB2

This time tomoron we'll be tearing the new Valve Bar (Agincourt) a new one.

You should definitely come have a sniff at the stench oh so awesome.

sQk! hit the stage around 6ish, but the festival kicks off at 12.30... so you should come down early and wet the proverbial whistle with us before hand.

see you then then


DTVB2 facebook

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August 10th: yowzer!

In a bold move... we were talked out of what we thought was a fool proof move to release our EP on Cassette ......and go the other way????


I know... In what could only be regarded as robot porn we've decided to launch sQuawk! on itunes and other various other virus friendly audio sites about this digi playground...

We're hoping this super very tron-esque move will help us reach the sQuidz abroad ... and ahhh *ahem* help us pay for our new CD we're in the goo section of making at The Brain Studios...

Go get it, or a track or two... give us a seck ez review, and share this business around!!

So rad.. so future of us... Zap, Pow, buzzz n' shit.

Love you long time
Jay, Shaun, G - sQk!

sQuawk! on iTunes

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August 6th:

seck. K, Busy time for sQuawk!, which is radix.
We got the new album, some killer shows, some cool stuff coming up for the first EP... AND, we also have compilations!!

This time it's PROGFEST!!

Progfest is the annual compilation put together by Welkin Entertainment, who in conjunction with Bird'srobe put on the Progfest series of shows around the country (Australia for our very welcome sea faring page visitors)

This year (In all their wisdom..) they've selected some good looking bastards from Sydney to be on the compilation *tips caps in triadic unison*
sQuawk! will feature a track on the double CD this year... but since it's not out until the end of the month, that's all you may know for now!!

but it's still the business right!... and we're super happy to be a part of it. We'll let you know a bit more as it's set for release!

And yes... 'triadic-unison' is a new word we just created... and yes we love it as you now do... and No, you may not start using it.


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Aug Dawg 5th: Just Beat It

...y'know... IT!
not really, that was actually a sincere MJ reference until you took it to the gutter... Again!

anyhoo... DRUMS R DONE!!

And by that we mean, today we finished doing a few lil' edits on brother Shaun's drums for the new record.. and while that's not the end of drums, it's certainly green lights for Jay and I to hit the studio again and start tarcking guitz!!

So stoked, can't wait now for Jay and I to get in there and putting some more grit on the pummels!
Massive Thanks to Ben and of course Clayton ...and of course sQuee for their work thus far. The record is sounding great and it's going to salsa all over yur bean burrito!!

ps. go record at the Brain Studios
Zee Brain!!!!

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July 15th:

Big Ups to everyone who came out to the Valve bar on the weekend!!

It was a killer show and we had a ball! ...tight as a button after the intensive studio run throughs!!

Big thanks to our friends, Thraxas! and Dead Life too, awesome sets brotehrs with liberal lashings of face melt sauce!
We'll hook that bill up again soon for sure.


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July 9th: AYTR!

Um, yep. It has begun!
What an epic weekend!! So pumped for this to be finished now!

Fuck we worked hard... and not just on a scale of we're lazy people who hate to walk up escalators that aren't working (which did happen on the way to the studio on Sunday... and yes there was whinging..but) ...We worked our proverbial seat off.

It was so much fun, but the studio (and big Papa Clay too) is a harsh mistress, so there was definiately a rad pressure cooker to stress us into being the best fucking sQuawk! machine we can be!

We have all Shaun's drums locked down and they're going to be brutal!!
The drums are sounding fet ez, and they aren't even mixed yet!
At this stage we're looking at 9 satanic sound scapes for you manic town apes!.

next stop is guitars! ...when? hmmm.. let's say before the end of the month!

we'll keep you up on what's going on though.
If you wanna check out a few sQuawk! happy snaps, check out the instasQuawk! sites:

Shaun on instgram orizzle Greg on the 'gram


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July 6th: Day Dot

Recording starts today... tracking 8,9, 10??? new sQuawk! tunes o' goodness

See yall in a bit.. we're goin in!!!


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June 30th: "?"

Wowzers ... that was a tipple!

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June 29th: "!"

Hey sQuidz! We start recording the new album next week!

Hashtag: TheBrainStudios, Hashtag: ahhhyeahhdassrighh, Hashtag: seck!, Hashtag: goingtobethin, Hashtag: #!

Can't wait, we have some brutal new tunes we can't wait to get down, plus a few old timers that've been waiting in the proverbial wing that we think are going to be even better once we're in the petri dish of the studio!

On that note, we're off to have a run through and a fine tune (pun definitely intended)
...and since it was Jay's Birthday last week too, 'Happy Birthday Jay' (Say that bit in your voice)
and we only celebrated for one day (a tad unsQuawky!) we might just have a tipple today as well... y'know as a courtesy.


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June 15th: the business.

Our good friend, writer, HMC is releasing her new thriller 'White Walls' next week.

These's a bunch of comps going on for the online launch and Greg (sQuawk!) will be judging one of said comps!

It's a best lyrics competition and you can win an EBook of The Village of Lost Souls by Sam Kate (Horror), as well as signed copies of White Walls and all sorts of business.

So git scribing and send Greehg your lyrics over at the facebook site!

White Walls - Official Launch

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June 10th:

hey Menn. and Womenn.!
sQuawk! here. ( shit)

The week after we start laying down for the new sQuawk! record we'll be blasting some of the new material live at the valve bar!

13th of July and she's an early one, 12 pm kick off... so there's plenty of time to czech the show and still get home and spend the entire afternoon pressing your thumbs into a cabbage.
we'll be sharing the stage with:
Highroads Towers, The Blackened Beneath, Winter Gaunt and Hematic. *seck.

check out the facey for full deetz:

sQuawk! at The Valve

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May 9th: New sQuawk!


This just in.... so we've locked down the first dates for the new sQuawk! record (that is to say disc... which is to say set of files??... you crazy kids and your technology, we may just release it on tape to throw a stick in yur spokes!!)

anyhoo, the rag sniffity is that we're kicking it off.. July 6 & 7 will be the first tracking days for sQuawk! for the thingy.

So pumped for this, we've had a great response for last years self titled EP (which I'm sure you all own... else git yur keister over to grindhead records meister) so we can't wait to get in again and lay down some tunes.
We're happy to tell you too, that we'll be returning to the Brain Studios in Sydney with Clay at the helm again to help steer us through the mayhem (well, tell us to leave the cat alone and play more songs) ...(hey sQuee!).

Will there be new songs you haven't heard? ...probably

Will there be some old live favourites ...maybe

If you endear us enough with your constant nagging to get your greasy paws on the new CD, will we name it after you????

.... probably not!!

Will there be lashings of audible boobs and gravy written into the disc?? ... I really don't see how that's physically possible. Your being silly now, we've obviously got you a little too excited and worked up with the news of a new sQuawk! disc. go have yourself a sit down and do nothing else until we return with more word on said disc.


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April 7th:

sQuawk! - maybe considered to be sponsored by Redbull?
That'd be the business.

In the interest of all things maybe:

Grow a Beard.
Listen to sQuawk!
Be thine radix mann!


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April 6th:

Our friend Jed Ashley Burke just put up some killer sQuawk! shots from the other weekend on his page.
He made us look like bad mutha F@%#ers!! ...K, maybe we did that (waaaahh!), but he pressed the buttons at the right time!

Definitely go check his stuff out and hit the "like" button until your finger is a worn knub

Jed Ashley Burke Photography

Thanks Jed!

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April 1st:

Happy Easter!!

...k, maybe wanted another excuse to post a zombie pic!
this one the 'Wyrmwood' crew used as Easter promo for the movie... Dig it!

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March 31th: Did someone say post-apocalyptic zombie holocaust??

Nup??.... cool

awwwww shiaaaat! sQuawk! is representing in an upcoming Australian movie 'Wyrmwood'
Greg got to live out a dream today and take part in the gore flick as.... yeah I know (just building it up), a ZOMBIE!
The role he was born to play right?!

And because those guys are the cats pyjamas.. they let Greg play the zombie Greg in the movie (and sQuawk! managed to represent in that business too!!)

Many thanks to Gavin Kyle for the hook up and for his outstanding special FX make-up skills! Gav's thine Mann!
check out the Wyrmwood crew here:

Youtube: 'Wyrmwood'
'Wyrmwood' on Facey

We'll keep you posted when sQuawk! hits the big screen... (we're also angling to get some sQk! on the soundtrack too!) (y'know..on the in-case faces aren't melted enough.)


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March 24th:

K, so we did the whole swine!
Baconfest was the business, got to share the stage with some brand new bands, first venture out to St.Mary's for us and we also got to drop some new tunes!

That was by far the best bit... some new sQuawkage we've been sitting on because we were worried your delicate pre-pubecent ears weren't ready for it.
turns out they were... your bearded as witch's mole ears were more than coulloused enough to ingest some new sQuawk!. seck.
Love playin' 'em for the first time and loved that you loved them. Here's a taste of a little something new from Baconfest. This is blood... go forth and watch the proverbial shit out of it. sQuawk! - Blood


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Feb 21st:

The Daily Tinwhistle... sQuawk! have now been added to Baconfest 2013!
This is a 2 day festival put on by Baconator Design and Promotion, a rock day and a metal day.
Since there is no 3rd 'Bad Mutha F@#$eR' Day, the good folk at Baconator have added us to the 'Metal day' ... the proverbial shoe fitz!

Head over to the shows for more details and a link to the facebook event, but the key 2 things you need know right now:

  • Baconfest 2013 (Metal) will happen at The Lucky Oz Hotel - 23rd March
  • sQuawk! will be going apeshit at The Lucky Oz Hotel - 23rd March
  • There's FREE FUCKING BACON!!!! at The Lucky Oz Hotel - 23rd March

  • I know that's 3, but the bacon thing had to leave an impression... like swine wouldn't, but y'know.

    Love you long time

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    Feb the Somethingth:

    Hey notice how we have been writing F@#% instead of fuck in the news bulletins now?

    We're so grown up these days.
    We should probably be known as Mr. sQuawk! to you now... or maybe Rupert Von sQuawkishire the 3rd.

    I think we could look like a Rupert...

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    Feb 16th:

    Our good friend, the very talented Hayley Coates (HMC) will be releasing her new book 'White Walls' this year

    It's going to be an intense mind f@#$ thriller and personally I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!

    To top it off, Hayley in all her awesomeness is adding a little sQuawk! to the new video trailer for book!!

    What do you think? sQuawk! hand in hand with a psychological thriller? Hell yeah!!
    We're very flattered!
    That bad boy will be released very soon too as well as a sneaky bo peep at the cover for White Walls.

    Jump over to HMC's and check it out the trailer when it's released and secure your paws on White Walls:

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    Feb 6th:

    We're happy to announce that sQuawk! will be a part of an upcoming all Australian metal compilation by Hillbilly Metal.
    All procedes from the massive 4 disc CD will be going to cancer research

    This will be a massive effort and most brutal compilation and everyone should get on board.
    Hillbilly Metal will also be putting out some bad mutha f@%#er T-shirts for the cause too.
    Check out The FB event for a full list of bands and we'll keep you posted on details on the hows and zee whennz on the proverbial moneys in the ol' pursey purse for a bit o' the ol' ahhh disco in the boom box.

    Hillbilly Metal's: All Australian Metal Compilation For Cancer

    sQuawk! will be donating the track "Busy As A Bee In A Beehive of Busy Bees"

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    Feb 4th:

    K, So our brother Shaun gets married in 3 days to his beautiful bride Kate!
    Team sQuawk! grows every day... even if we have to marry it in!!

    You'll be happy to know that sQk! tore it a new juan at an impromptu spaz out at Sprawn's bucks night on the weekend. We'll get some footage up of that asap.... needless to say, what went down the rest of the night is never spoken of ageiiin.


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    Jan 2013

    The skinny, the low down, the 411, tha werd, the biznatch, the CNN ...wait, we're Australian... the channel 9??
    We launched our website today!!!

    What's that?,.. welcome to 1995? yeah ok, we'll take that. It has been a long time coming. Not that we've been around that long but it is probably a little over due for us. If you've ever watched the Halloween films though, Mick just walks around (not runs) after his victims and he gets his shit done... well! (yeah , so ahhh, that's meant to be a metaphor for our laze... shit might take a while but we'll still manage to slay horny teenagers in their bunk beds in the end?? - fuck, that's Jason... anyway never mind, it's KICK ARSE!)

    So anyhoo, We launched our website today! (insert today's relatively early 2013 date here)

    Now that the hard bit is out the way, we'll try and keep this bad boy up to date as much as possible. Upcoming shows, new music, and general lordings and plebbonings of the Frankenband.

    So, Happy sQuawk'in New Year
    We have plenty happening in 2013, new tunes in the works, a CD in the works, more videos, and shit cans of great live shows! Hope it's a seck year and we spend some of it with you.

    Love you long time,
    G,J & Sprawn

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